Do You Ever Feel Like Your Life Is Subject To The Winds of Chance & Circumstance?

Truthfully, if you're not actively choosing, it is!

Every day of your life is a gift - an opportunity to create more of what you want for yourself and others.

So the beautiful questions are...


How intentional are you with your days?


How are your days adding up?


What are you creating?

Our Intentions Guide Everything

Rayven Monique

I look back at great chunks of my life and see how much of it I spent thinking I'll be more intentional someday.  How many times did I think, I'll just get through today - I'll just get through raising the kids, I'll just get through season of my life and one day I'll be able to do all the things I've always wanted to.  

I got through the days alright - but did I do anything more than tread water most of the time? Not really.

There came a point where I realized 'getting through today' could rule the rest of my life. There's always another something to survive, there are always outside forces giving me something to react to and deal with. There's always an another invitation to just get by.

I realized if anything were ever going to change, it would only be by my own intentions - by my own choices.

I decided my life had a reset button - and I pushed it!

And oh... the amazing places my intentions have been taking me ever since!

When I stop letting chance happen to me and made intentional choices to create my own life, I went from living in a perpetual waiting room to moving out into a wildly exciting world full of possibility.

I literally went from 'waiting, waiting, waiting'  to 'I'm not fucking waiting anymore!'

I am living into my entrepreneurial dreams, pursuing world travel, enjoying truly satisfying relationships, practicing every creative idea that reaches out to be experienced - from homesteading to building my own retreat center so I can share more with others.

Would you like to know HOW I've gotten here?

How exactly do you shake off the habit of passivity - and actually live into your dreams at last?

There are personal strategies and principles that I've lived into and built skills around that have supported a complete life transformation - no doubt about it. 

 One doesn't just wake up one day and say *POOF! Now I'm Awesome!*

Well, not in just one day anyway ;) 

Like so many of you, I've soaked up every transformational tool and program I could my hands on over the course of the last decade, some that left me underwhelmed - some that absolutely rocked my world.  

Through it all, I've discovered & developed a simple set of core strategies that in regular practice support me in creating literally anything I want in life.

I experience all of the Health, Abundance, & Connection I ever dreamed of in all the years of waiting.

I have the sheer joy of being fucking alive!

I want this for you too!

Rayven has been a constant invitation to try something new!

Kelly McCausey, Coach

I used to hate the topic of Abundance and actively avoid anything that called my attention to it - but Rayven has this way of making me curious. With her support I opened my mind and heart up to try something new - and holy shit - I'm glad I did!  I enjoy more abundance today than I ever imagined.

a smiling woman with a short hair wearing a necklace and with flowers behind her

Introducing the 11:11 Club

I am inviting you to join me in a weekly intention reset on Tuesdays mornings at 11:11am EST. 

There's power found in gathering with like minded creators, all seeking to design a life of great intention.

Together we will take a break from the buzz of life to ask the question "What is it I actually want?"

Our Zoom Room Gatherings move through four intentional activities...

Our Zoom Room Gatherings move through four intentional activities...

This is all about connecting with ourselves, being truly in tune with our very essence. We'll take a few moments to ground ourselves in the present moment to truly Be. Here. Now.

Gratitude is about opening our hearts and allowing us to see all of the blessings in our lives - making way for more of what we want. What we focus on expands. Focusing on the best aspects of our life attracts more. 

Law of Attraction in Action invites us to take in powerful principles and stories that open our eyes to how abundance operates in the world. This is truly where we learn how to play the game of life. 

We will create "I Am" statements. This is our chance to clarify and own who it is that we want to show up as in order to create what we want. The two most powerful words in the English language are I AM. 

PLUS: I'm Giving You The Complete Infinite Possibilities Course

Infinite Possibilities, the Art of Changing Your Life is a 6-part workshop based on the book Infinite Possibilities, the Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley. He’s the guy that coined the term “Thoughts Become Things” in the movie “The Secret”. (the good-looking bald guy.) 

His book is incredible, and so is the course, which breaks the book down into a logical sequence of topics that come alive in a small group setting. Instead of just reading someone else’s story, participating in a workshop allows every participant to realize that they’ve already been creating what they’ve wanted in their lives all along. 

And as awesome as this program is, I had never head of it (I did read the book) until shortly before my first Abundability retreat. 

I had a goal to create a foundational workshop for my retreat guests, a sort of workbook we’d use to travel through the 5 steps to manifestation (Ask, Believe, Feel, Act, Receive) and address some of the more common roadblocks (stinkin' thinkin'), with simple solutions to get past them.  

I set the intention to create this workbook, cleared my schedule, and sat down to prepare the materials. And then I started to procrastinate! I got distracted and saw that Mike Dooley had sent me an email (as he often does) about how wonderful life is. Awww. 

So, determined to do ANYTHING but work on my project, I found myself going down a rabbit hole. I went to his site. Started surfing around. An hour later, I stumbled upon the certification program for Infinite Possibilities, and realized that the Universe was gifting me with the skeleton to my foundation - all I needed to do was add me. 

Infinite Possibilities is the backbone of manifestation. It’s the knowledge base we start with to navigate our desires in the field of possibilities. Through it, as a Certified Trainer and Trailblazer,  I’m able to share my unique experiences, the manifestation techniques I’ve used to personally create what I want in my life, and my concept of taking action by eating the pickle with our members, and we're able to co-create our community together. 

It’s Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities workshop, as he created it, blended with Abundability’s awesomeness, and our members' experiences. 

Just like life itself, we are all individuals that are part of the same whole. 

You Really Can Create Anything You Want In Life, This Course Lays The Foundation.  

This self-study program is included right now for all 11:11 Club members.

Lesson One: You Are Here To Succeed

Thriving is our default setting, not surviving. Together we'll see the evidence all around us; we are here to experience love, to learn, to adventure, and to become consistently wiser, greater, and happier. 

What we think about, we bring about, and we've been successfully doing this our whole lives. Everyday we get to choose what we think, and therefore how our life will unfold. 

Lesson Two: Our Beliefs Shape Our Reality

Nothing affects our thinking more than our beliefs, and here's the great news: we are able to consciously change our beliefs to create the reality that we desire.

Here's how. 

Lesson Three: Emotions Are A Feedback System

Our emotions are a powerful feedback system designed to show us what hidden beliefs we may have that do not serve us. Joy is only ever a few thoughts away.

Let's learn how to embrace it. 

Lesson Four: Taking Action

Taking action is not optional - it's mandatory in order to achieve our dreams, but contrary to popular thought, taking action does not have to be massive.

It's about moving forward with intention. It's eating the pickle! 

Lesson Five: Instincts & Hunches

We are given signals and signs from our higher selves to help guide us down the path that we've chosen for ourselves.

Learn to recognize when this is occurring in your favor. 

Lesson Six: Faith & The Magical Universe

Even when faced with uncertainties in life, we have faith that God/The Universe is on our side and we can still live into intention. Often, what seems upsetting in the moment turns out to hold greater meaning for our lives. 

Life is an adventure and success boils down to vision, belief, and actions. And the meaning of life become quite clear once we've reached this point in our course together. 

Why 11:11?

In numerology, the number 1111 is a sign that it's time to go after what you really want. It's a symbol that a new beginning is near, and it's the perfect opportunity to focus on your creativity. And so, this is the time we choose to get clear on our intentions. 

This seems like a lot for $11...What's the Catch?

No catch. Seriously, you can cancel anytime you're not feeling it.

Recently, I attended a webinar held by a coach I greatly respected. She was launching an exclusive Abundance membership for 24 people at a cost of $25,000 each. As she spoke, and introduced us to samples of her material, I followed the comments section in the webinar, and saw numerous people asking, "What about those of us that can't afford $25,000?" And my heart almost broke...

Why are we putting the life-changing tools of manifesting abundance behind a huge pay wall??? What would happen to our world if we gave generously instead? 

Now, that coach's program will likely fill up, and her people will likely get their money's worth. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with her charging, and getting, her $25k. We all have our own path, and none is good, bad, right, or wrong.  But for me, I don't want to exclusively help rich people get richer. I want to show EVERYONE the power we all have to achieve greatness, no matter where we are starting. 

My commitment to you is to expose you to lots of new tools you can use to manifest your future, for a crazy stupid low price that allows me to devote the time necessary to sharing these tools. Deal? 

It's No Accident You're Reading This

When I shared the plan for 11:11 Reset with a friend, she said 'Sounds great - Sign Me Up!'

I believe that's the reaction of every person ready to take initiative, get in touch with their intentions and start to create what they want in this life.

Since you've read this far, I'm guessing that's YOU.

It excites me to know we've found each other.

It's time. No more waiting. 

Everything we dream of is right here if we'll only choose it at last.

Join me in taking more intentional steps every day.

Choose In Now





  • Weekly Zoom Gathering
  • Private Signal Group
  • Infinite Possibilities LIVE
  • New Home Study Content Monthly





  • Weekly Zoom Gathering
  • Private Signal Group
  • Infinite Possibilities LIVE 
  • New Home Study Content Monthly
  • Saves $22.22 annually! 


You meet every single Tuesday?

How long is each session?

Is there a minimum membership requirement?

Are the sessions recorded?

What the heck is Signal? 

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