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We had an amazing two days of speakers and connecting with other women that are ready to embrace their something more.

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We know you are here because you are ready to take action. To create more fun and meaning in your life. We've asked friends to join us in putting a package of products and workshops together to help you on your journey.

Upgrade your summit experience and get unlimited access to the speaker replays, plus the products and workshops below.

For only $27 you will have access to $484 in products and experiences to help guide you to more peace, awesome action, and always more fun.

Basic Bundle only $27!

Color Happy Coloring Pages, Planner, & Coloring Date

value  $38

Experience all that Color Happy has to offer with a print at home 20-page Amazing Affirmations Coloring Pages Package, a colorable Morning Routine Planner kit, and an invitation to join us for our Color-Along Coloring Date on November 11th.

Thank you to Lady Rayven Monique - Color Happy

stop people pleasing workshop

Stop People Pleasing

value  $37

Do You Feel Like Being Yourself Isn't Good Enough?

It's Time To Stop Changing Your Personality To Please Others.

Take this self-study workshop and learn to embrace the parts of your personality that make you YOU!

Thank you to Val Selby - Your Bold Life

create your pathway to peace

Painting: Creating Your Pathway to Peace

value $147

When you are completely engrossed in an activity like painting, your brain is making hundreds of micro-choices and decisions, and these things cause you to slow down and focus on each moment.

You’re absorbing the experience with all of your senses, and you’ll experience an inner quietness as anxious thoughts fade to the background. This 2-part class on Zoom will help you to first become familiar with painting tools and materials, and then you can paint and play along with me!

Thank you to Elaine Allen - Start In Art

create more time for your best life

Create More Time For Your Best Life

value  $37

Create more time for yourself in your everyday life. Learn proven methods to free up one hour per day so you can pursue whatever you desire: your creative dreams, learning something new, exercising, taking care of yourself and exploring your best life. YES, it is possible, and I’ll show you how during this Live experience.

Thank you to Judit Mueller-Kiss

self care journal

Practicing Self Care Journal

value  $27

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Is there no time in the day for YOU?

This bullet journal on self-care is sure to brighten up your mood and spirit. It has an adorable sunflower design and comes with 4 coloring pages.

There are several ideas on how to practice self-care in this journal and you can come up with your own as well.

Thank you to Becky Beach - Mom Beach

spirit guides course

Get Connected with Your Spirit Guides Course

value  $67

Connecting with my Spirit Guides helped me step forward as a leader in my life. I was no longer someone who sat on the sidelines.

Your Spirit Guides want to help you too. If you want to be more intentional in all areas of your life, they are here to guide you. I show you how in the Get Connected with Your Spirit Guides course. In 5-modules you will discover how to connect and build a relationship with your spirit guides to transform any life area and manifest what you want.

Thank you to Gabby Conde - A Sacred Vibe

motivational journal pack

Motivational Journal Pack

value $34

Our Motivational Journal Pack will help you stay on track with all aspects of your life. We have included a full length 90 Motivational Journal PDF of 174 pages. A handy Printables Pack of 18 pages - just print out the pages you want whenever you wish & pop them into a binder.

You also get a Digital Version for Goodnotes, just upload to your device and duplicate the pages. Layouts include setting goals, empowering weekly words, best time of my week and more.

Thank you to Sue Fleckenstein - Createful Journals

unbound workshop

Unbound Workshop

value $67

Most Christians are living far below the abundant life that Jesus promised. You struggle with trying to please others so much you've lost yourself. You are afraid you are going to be rejected so you retreat and miss out on God's best. Its time to deal with blame and face shame.

Register for the Unbound Workshop as we begin Taking off People-Pleasing, Fear of Rejection, Blame, and Shame.

Thank you to Cynthia Martin - Real Life Revised

financial planner

Financial Wellness Daily Planner

value $27

In an industry built for men, we designed a better way for midlife women to have financial clarity, simplicity and security.

The Financial Wellness Daily Planner is here to help with financial and personal self-care encouragement.

Thank you to Patty Gale - Fear.less Girl Financial

If you want to experience something more, do something different.

We are passionate about helping women find something more. So passionate that we are offering a crazy deal to those that want to upgrade to a VIP Experience. 

Both Rayven and Val are offering a one-on-one experience for those that choose the VIP Summit Upgrade.

Choose the VIP Summit Upgrade and you will have access to the basic bundle valued at over $484 plus our coaching offers valued at $493. That's a total of $977 in products and coaching for only $97, plus you get the summit replays to watch at your convenience and as many times as you'd like.

VIP Summit Upgrade only $97

If you choose VIP for only $97 you will have access to everything in the Basic Bundle above, plus...


Uncover You Discovery Session

value $295

Hidden deep within each of us is a unique treasure trove of wisdom and prosperity - but the problem is, we're so close to it we cannot see it ourselves.

Within our one call, I will have an understanding about how you show up in the world and will reveal it to you, opening up the door to possibilities that will allow you to step into the best version of yourself.

Lady Rayven - Abundability


bold besties membership

1 Month Bold Besties Membership w/Private 50 Minute Session

value $196

You have dreams, goals, and new needs as much has changed in your midlife. Going through it alone means a constant battle between the confident go-getter that wants to do all the things and the inner critic telling you it's not worth the work.

What would you do if the confident go-getter inside of you was able to show up more?

Midlife brings many changes to our personal and professional lives. We can continue to ignore them or we can embrace them and take control of our future.

Join a group of women ready to cheer you on and lift you up. New members receive a private 50 minute welcome session to get you in a bold frame of mind.

Val Selby - Your Bold Life

Meet Your Hosts!

I'm LADY Rayven Monique -

I learned early on in life that embracing the unknown leads to some pretty powerful coincidences in life - and some fantastic memories!

My motto has long been "My goal is to experience things in life that others can't, or won't." And this has served me well! 

By embracing the unknown, I've managed to manifest in life:

  • My dream partner
  • My house in the country
  • International trips (despite being dead-broke at the time)
  • Powerful friendships and connections

All these things coming from a series of seemingly unrelated starts - all because I said YES to adventure! 

By consistently embracing opportunities where I don't know the outcome, I'm sending a huge signal to the Universe that I am ready to experience life in a way that I cannot predict.  

You see, manifestation never follows a straight path - it's not "I'd like a hundred million dollars, please" and then there's a guy at the door with a bag of money for you. We cannot predict HOW our dreams will come to us - or the one event that causes the domino effect we need to have our manifestation come to life. 

Instead, we must be willing to live into situations where we don't know the outcome, in order to invite those coincidences and chance happenings that change our lives forever. 

We just say YES to the unknown!

val selby
val selby speaking

I'm Val selby -

I was born bossy and full of confidence. But, somewhere along the line I let people get in my head. A lot of people. Self-doubt caused me to often hide who I was to fit in with who I was around.

For too many years I became ashamed of parts of my personality and thought I had to change. Thankfully I had a moment where I woke up and started asking myself why I felt the need to change who I am for some, while ignoring the many that love me for who I am.

I no longer feel the need to change in order to try to make others feel comfortable. I want to share ALL the encouragement and tools I've learned to make sure you love who you are as well.

Fully embracing my personality has led to amazing experiences. Dreams I'd tossed aside or decided I wasn't good enough to accomplish are now possibilities.

Dreams I didn't know I had, such as speaking and writing books. All now possible because I've given myself permission to fully show up as me.

There is only one you. Not fully bringing your talents to your family, community and the world is just a waste.

Be bold and live as your best self.

Choose the VIP Summit Upgrade

We are offering a crazy VIP experience.

Say yes to the VIP Summit Upgrade and receive:

  • Everything in the Basic Bundle (value $484 )
  • Uncover You discovery session with Lady Rayven (value $297)
  • 1 month access to Bold Besties which includes a 50 minute private session with Val Selby (value $196)

That's a total of $977 in products and private coaching! All for only $97.

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