Let's Find Your Happy! 

You know there's a better version of you just
waiting to be uncovered.  

I do, too!

So many people are chasing happiness like it's a place they haven't found yet. They are making themselves more unhappy by the moment - feeling frustrated with their life, blaming circumstances and themselves for their failures.

I'm Rayven Monique

selfie of a smiling woman wearing a hood and with the Stonehenge behind her

Rayven Monique, Abundability

I'm a true do-er in life. I like to do the things in life that others can't - or won't - and I inspire others to do so as well.

I believe that happiness is our natural state of being, and my obsession is helping others find their passions and intentionally follow their dreams, so they can love the life they're living. 

I'm a Spiritual Emergence Coach and I wake each morning with the intention to recreate myself in the next grandest version of me, while encouraging others to live into the best version of themselves. 

I'm kind, but not always 'nice'. I'm not afraid to call you out on your shit when I see it. It's always done with love. 


  • Plant Medicine Integration Specialist (in progress)
  • Radical Leadership Certified Coach
  • Ho'oponopono Certified Practitioner
  • Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner
  • RYS200 Yoga Instructor
  • Laughter Yoga Certified Practitioner 
  • Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer & Trailblazer
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Your Happiness is Not "Out There" - It's Within.

It Is My Deep Joy to Help You Find It

Work with me as your guide and we will focus on:

Building Awareness

Let me help you see that you have the power to create your life - in fact, you already are.

Redirecting Trickster

Learn about the crazy billy-goat you've got inside your head who tries to destroy your dreams - and find out how to stop feeding him! 

Living in Essence

When you let go of the ego in a situation, and lean into pure spirit instead, beauty and possibility exist everywhere. We'll explore essence together. 

Navigating the Triangle

Are you the villain, the victim, or the hero? I'll show you how to stop the chaos in your most desired relationships by recognizing your own power.

Constructing Your Vision

With all the beautiful awareness you've found, you're ready to see all the possibilities and take action. What will you create now?

Being a "Hell Yes!"

Don't do things in life that you despise. Let me help you identify your clear no's, and make the changes you need to release them.

What Are Others Saying?

1:1 Coaching

Single private zoom room coaching experience 


  • Single 50-minute 1:1 private session, held on zoom
  • Gain clarity and have your questions answered

RISE Coaching Program

My VIP Experience 


$597/month for 6-months, or one-time $2997

  • Daily 1:1 Voxer Coaching
  • Uncover Your Manifestation Formula
  • Rewrite My Story Experience
  • Complementary access to The Creators' Club & 11:11 Club
  • (9) 50-min 1:1 Private Zoom Coaching Calls
  • Complete details below

1:1 Voxer Coaching

Daily private 1:1 access & accountability 


Month-to-month. Cancel anytime. 

  • Daily 1:1 Voxer Coaching (see below)
  • Complimentary access 11:11 Club
  • Complimentary access Creators' Club

RISE Coaching Program Details

Daily 1:1 Voxer Coaching

Every Monday morning I personally check in with my RISE Coaching clients and 1:1 Voxer Coaching clients. You'll receive a quick Monday morning greeting from me, and the opportunity to continue the conversation from 8am-8pm EST every Monday.

Additionally, clients are supported in sharing their Daily Desires (daily gratitude and I AM intentions) privately with me each day, Monday thru Friday. I reply back once, with well wishes and loving feedback. 

Not sure what Voxer is? It's a free walkie-talkie app where we can exchange text and voice messages.  

Value: $1,782

Uncover Your Manifestation Formula

RISE Coaching clients will start their journey with me with a 90-minute zoom session where we will uncover the specific and unique way that YOU manifest your desires in your life. Each of us is completely unique, and has a different way of creating greatness. Let's find yours! 

Already experienced the Uncover Your Manifestation Formula with me? If so, we'll swap this out for another 1:1 coaching call.

Value: $297         

Rewrite My Story Experience

Our lives are made up of a series of experiences, some that serve us, and some that do not. Working together over two 90-minute sessions, we'll uncover the story of your life, and identify old patterns of thinking that can be laid to rest, putting into practice a completely new, updated way of being. 

Value: $594


1:1 Coaching Zoom Calls

RISE Coaching clients receive a total of (9) 50-minute 1:1 private zoom calls with Rayven, to be taken over the course of the 6-month program.

Value: $2,673         

Access - The Creators' Club

RISE Coaching clients and 1:1 Voxer Coaching clients receive complimentary access to both the 11:11 Club and the Creators' Club.

Value: $264

All New Abundability Products

RISE Coaching clients are my VIPs, and will always have instant access to any new Abundability offerings created during their coaching relationship.

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