Private Spiritual Awakening Ceremony

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Private ceremonies are available for family/friends of up to three. Please fill out the form for the primary person, and indicate at the bottom if you have more parties who would like to attend. 

Fill Out Form

First, fill out the intake form below. Your answers are confidential, so please answer honestly. 

1:1 Consultation 

Once your intake form is reviewed, you will be emailed to book your 1:1 consultation. You'll have an opportunity to get all your questions answered. 

Schedule Your Ceremony

Are we a fit? Perfect! You'll be emailed a link to pay and confirm your private ceremony date. 

After attending a private ceremony, participants are invited to our monthly group mastermind experiences. 

All private ceremony participants are required to attend a pre-retreat intention setting call, as well as a post-retreat integration call. 

Pricing for one participant is $697. Two is $1,297. Three is $1,797. Ceremony is held on a farm near Jacksonville, Florida. 

Fill Out Our Intake Form

Fill out the intake form below. Once completed, you'll be emailed a link to schedule a 1:1 consultation call with Rayven to see if ceremony may be the right fit. 

Intake Form

Intake Form

Have you ever been diagnosed or suspect you have any of the following medical conditions?
Do you have any other medical conditions?
Have you ever been diagnosed or suspect you suffer from any of the following psychiatric conditions?
Have you ever been hospitalized for a psychiatric reason?
Do you have suicidal thoughts or have you made a suicide attempt?
Do you currently use any prescription medication?
Do you currently take or use any over the counter (OTC) medications, supplements, or herbal products?
Do you use alcohol?
How often do you use alcohol?
Do you smoke or use tobacco products?
Have you used any of the following substances in the past 3 months?
Have you ever used psychedelics?
Which of the following describes your current relationship status?
Which of the following best describes your work situation?
Which of the following do you consider your support network?

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