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Eat the Pickle!
Abundability Retreat

“I just don’t understand how it is that I am supposed to feel how I will feel when I’ve manifested the thing I want most in life. I don’t know what it feels like because I’ve never experienced it! I can’t visualize it! I don’t know what it looks like!  It makes no sense, and I feel like I’ll never get there.”

By the time she uttered this in passionate frustration in our workshop, Tish was exasperated. She had lofty ambitions – dreams she had barely allowed herself permission to even entertain.

Sitting in my workshop, hearing me tell her that anything is possible, and that creating in our lives can be summed up in 5 simple steps, Tish was stuck – and it made perfect sense.

How can we bring into ourselves the feeling we will feel when we achieve the things we want most in life if we have no basis of comparison? How do we know what to visualize if we don’t have a clue what it look like?

If we’ve never experienced having an abundance of money, how do we know what anything but poor feels like?

If we’ve never had a lasting romantic relationship, how do we know what love feels like??

If we’ve lived with a chronic health condition our whole lives, how do we know what health feels like?

Simple. We eat the pickle.

And that’s what I said to Tish when she nearly shouted her emotionally charged frustrations. "Trish, have you eaten any of the pickles in the refrigerator?"

"WHAT? I’m asking you how to make my dreams come true and you’re wondering if I’m hungry?" she shouted.

"No. I’m asking if you’ve tried the pickles. You see, there are two jars of pickles in the fridge. One is your standard pickle, the type you’ve probably had countless times before. But the other jar is a lacto-fermented pickle. It doesn’t taste like a regular pickle. It smells weird. It tastes off compared to the pickles you’re used to – you may even think it’s gone bad. "

It’s a new experience.

You see, when we’re willing to take a baby step into the unknown and do something different, we send a signal to the universe that we are open to embracing things that we do not already know the outcome to.

April 2021, Asheville, NC
*exact dates TBA

Arrive on Monday, leave on Friday

3 Full Days (Tues - Weds - Thurs) 
$2949 All Inclusive
Lodging, Meals, Transportation, Activities Included


The intention with Eat the Pickle adventures is to expose you to something brand new - but not necessarily to confront fears or limitations. We won't be swimming with sharks or skydiving. Instead, we'll be seeing, tasting, touring, and experiencing adventures that you may have never heard of, or may never have known were possibilities.  

Saying no is always an option - and it still works. You see, just by being presented with an opportunity that is new and unfamiliar, and making a choice as to whether you'd like to experience it, you'll still be training your body to encounter unknown adventures. 

Explore All
5 Senses

Infinite Possibilities Coaching Program

Vision & Hearing

Experience newly with sights and sounds you've never witnessed before. Let me surprise and delight you with new adventures! 


You will be thrilled with the experiences I've got planned to engage your body and sense of touch.  

Smell & Taste

New foods and aromas will be an important part of our experience - but remember, it's always a choice! 

If we can eat a smelly pickle, we embrace new experiences, and create space in our lives for the unknown to find us. In essence, we accustom ourselves to the unfamiliar, and the extraordinary.


Where & When Is The Event? 

Asheville, NC. April, 2021. Dates TBA

Who Should Attend?  

This retreat is designed for those who believe in the Law of Attraction and who are ready to take baby steps into the unknown in order to apply LOA to their lives in a way that WORKS. 

What Is The Sleeping Situation Like? 

We have 8 beds, 6 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. The private bedrooms will be allocated on a first-come basis, and all bathrooms will be shared. 

What Should I Wear? 

A list of clothing and accessories necessary for our adventures will be emailed to you prior to the trip - nothing out of the ordinary. Think good walking shoes, a jacket, and a swimsuit. 

What Will We Eat? 

Our meals will be created together or catered in the retreat kitchen, featuring healthy whole foods, with emphasis on gluten/grain free, sugar free ingredients. (And we'll have chocolate available, too.) You will have a chance to let us know if you have a specific diet or food sensitivity.  In cases where an adventure is directly related to food, non-adventurous foods will be available. 

What Is Included?

Everything but your shopping, your flight, and any alcohol you may desire! All food, local transportation, activities, experiences, and lodging is covered in the cost of the retreat.  ​

Which Airport Should I Fly Into?

The closest airport is Asheville Regional Airport (AVL).

We are only a couple of hours from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), if you find a smokin' deal and want to rent a car.

How Do I Get From The Airport To The Retreat House?

We will provide shuttle service from AVL to the retreat house, as well as provide all transportation to any off-site activities we've got planned. 

What's the Refund Policy?

Since there are a finite number of spots, there are no refunds for change of mind. But we understand if life happens! We are able to roll all but $500 of your payment into a future retreat, Practicing Abundability Membership,  or private coaching experience.    

Reserve Your Space Now

Our retreat is pretty intimate - for a reason. We have room for a small group of women - and when those spots are gone, so is your opportunity to Eat the Pickle and embrace the unknown so you can start living a live you love in 2021!  

Lady Rayven Monique

I'm a true do-er in life. I like to do the things in life that other can't - or won't - and I inspire others to do so as well.

I believe that happiness is our natural state of being, and my obsession is helping others find their passions and follow their dreams, so they can love the life they're living.

I'm a Happiness and Abundance Coach and I wake each morning with the intention to recreate myself in the next grandest version of myself, while encouraging others to live into the best version of themselves.


  • Radical Leadership Certified Coach
  • Ho'oponopono Certified Practitioner
  • Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner
  • Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer & Trailblazer

Join us in Asheville!

and Eat the Pickle! 

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Asheville, NC

Eat the Pickle