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I'm Rayven Monique

Rayven Monique, Abundability

I'm a true do-er in life. I like to do the things in life that others can't - or won't - and I inspire others to do so as well.

I live on a 5-acre homestead in Florida with chickens, rabbits, a horse named Dakota, a steer named Jack-Jack, a telepathic cat named Simba, an Australian Shepard who just may-be the love of my life, Nebula, and my 20-something daughter, Zoe. 

I believe that happiness is our natural state of being, and my obsession is helping others find their passions and intentionally follow their dreams, so they can love the life they're living. 

I'm a Spiritual Emergence Coach and I wake each morning with the intention to recreate myself in the next grandest version of me, while encouraging others to live into the best version of themselves. 

I'm kind, but not always 'nice'. I'm not afraid to call you out on your shit when I see it. It's always done with love. 

I smoke a lot of weed, eat a lot of mushrooms, and ponder a lot of life's mysteries. 


  • Plant Medicine Integration Specialist 
  • Radical Leadership Certified Coach
  • Ho'oponopono Certified Practitioner
  • Law of Attraction Certified Practitioner
  • RYS200 Yoga Instructor
  • Laughter Yoga Certified Practitioner 
  • Infinite Possibilities + Playing the Matrix Certified Trainer & Trailblazer
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Abundability Offerings

Group Coaching

Experience collective growth and support in a nurturing, shared environment as you work towards your goals. Two programs available, the always open for enrollment 11:11 Club, and the closed program, the Creators' Club.


Participate in interactive, educational sessions designed to deepen your understanding of manifestation and abundance principles.

Private Coaching

Receive personalized, one-on-one guidance tailored to your specific needs and objectives on your manifestation journey. Info on 1:1 Coaching

Voxer 1:1 Coaching

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of on-demand coaching through voice and text messaging for real-time support and insights. Info on 1:1 Coaching 

Events & Retreats

Immerse yourself in transformative experiences that combine learning, relaxation, and community-building in beautiful, inspiring settings.

Rayven's Values & Beliefs

Empowerment & Healing of All

As a coach, my values and beliefs are central to the work I do with my clients. I am deeply committed to the empowerment and healing of all people, and specifically creative people that I work with, nurturing their creativity as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. I understand the unique needs of artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and other creative individuals, and I tailor my coaching methods accordingly, encouraging my clients to embrace their creative passions and use them as a tool for self-expression and healing.

Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity

Inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of my coaching practice. I welcome clients from all backgrounds, cultures, and identities, fostering an environment of respect, understanding, and appreciation for the diverse experiences that each person brings. I offer tailored coaching services that consider each individual's unique perspective, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Unlearning Inherent Biases and Personal Growth

I am dedicated to unlearning inherent biases and fostering personal growth, both within myself and in my clients. I acknowledge and actively address my own biases and privileges, and I am committed to continuous learning and growth as a coach and an individual. I encourage my clients to challenge their own biases and assumptions as part of their personal development journey.

Stance on Social, Political, and Health Issues

My stance on social, political, and health issues is one of advocacy for social justice, equality, and positive change in the world. I believe in open and transparent communication about my values and beliefs, and I encourage my clients to engage in informed decision-making and become active agents of change in their own lives and communities.

Approach to Healing and Spiritual Practice

In my approach to healing and spiritual practice, I embrace a holistic and integrative approach that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. I encourage my clients to experiment and discover the spiritual practices that resonate with them, recognizing the importance of self-care, self-awareness, and self-compassion in their healing journey.

Respect for Closed Cultural Practices

I have the utmost respect for closed cultural practices, and I acknowledge and appreciate the rich tapestry of cultural traditions and spiritual practices worldwide. I respect the boundaries and exclusivity of closed cultural practices and encourage my clients to engage in cultural exchange and learning with sensitivity and respect.

Acknowledgment of Traditional Homelands

Finally, I acknowledge the historical and cultural significance of the lands on which we live and work, expressing gratitude to the Indigenous peoples who have stewarded these lands for generations. I am committed to supporting initiatives and efforts that honor, protect, and restore Indigenous rights and cultural heritage.

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