When Did You Last Do Something Truly Unexpected? 

Loving to witness first time experiences, I offered my retreat guests a fermented pickle. Some showed willing curiosity, others wrinkled their nose with suspicion... but they all gave the smelly pickle a try. This excites me because I know when someone is willing to eat the pickle, all things are possible!

I'm here to tell you, it's time to
Eat The Pickle!

LAdy Rayven Monique

Maybe you like pickles, maybe you don’t. But I bet that as you’re sitting reading this, you have an idea in your head as to what a pickle tastes like.

For most of us, eating a pickle is an exercise in our past. We have an expectation of what a pickle is, how we prefer to consume it, and where to go to find pickles. When we decide to eat a pickle, we’re taking our past and making it our predictable future.

And, that’s no big deal, right? I mean, it’s just a pickle... 

But what if you tried an entirely new sort of pickle - an unexpected one. Maybe one that is fermented, and smells a bit off. One you’ve never experienced before. One that challenges your perception of what a normal everyday pickle tastes like. It’s unfamiliar. It’s unknown. You’re unsure if you’ll like it or not. 

Now, you’re no longer taking your familiar past and creating a predictable future. Now the future is unknown - filled with new experience and new possibilities. 

By embracing experiences in life that are new and different, with outcomes that are unknown, we train our bodies and our minds to be comfortable with not knowing what will happen next, creating space for our bigger desires - ones we’ve not yet experienced - to find their way to us. 

Eating the pickle is one step closer to living the life of your dreams.

Since We Know The Same Will Get You The Same - Are You Willing To Try Something Different?

I Invite You To Join Me In The Practicing Abundability Community

A unique group coaching experience, Practicing Abundability is our space to learn, grow and eat all the pickles!

In Practicing Accountability, We Ask "Am I Creating What I Want In Life?"

There Are Eight Core Abundance Areas Of Life:








Intellectual Pursuit

 When I look at any one of these areas, I can actually measure my happiness and know whether I am truly creating what I want or not. And if at anytime I'm not - it's time to #EatThePickle!!

Every month in the Practicing Abundability we focus in on one of the Eight Core Abundance Areas with a willingness to spot where we're complacent and become open to new experiences. We embrace new tools and take baby steps towards living the life of our dreams.

We'll Meet In My Zoom Room At 8pm Eastern On The 1st & 3rd Wednesdays Of Each Month
(Choose the time that works best for you!)

To Create A Different Future,
We Have To Stop Recreating The Past!

Aren't you glad there's always a new experience available to us?

I asked myself, how can I best prepare you for the adventure ahead and the answer made me smile...

I'm Giving You The Complete Infinite Possibilities Course

Infinite Possibilities, the Art of Changing Your Life is a 6-part workshop based on the book Infinite Possibilities, the Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley. He’s the guy that coined the term “Thoughts Become Things” in the movie “The Secret”. (the good-looking bald guy.) 

His book is incredible, and so is the course, which breaks the book down into a logical sequence of topics that come alive in a small group setting. Instead of just reading someone else’s story, participating in a workshop allows every participant to realize that they’ve already been creating what they’ve wanted in their lives all along. 

And as awesome as this program is, I had never head of it (I did read the book) until shortly before my first Abundability retreat. 

I had a goal to create a foundational workshop for my retreat guests, a sort of workbook we’d use to travel through the 5 steps to manifestation (Ask, Believe, Feel, Act, Receive) and address some of the more common roadblocks (stinkin' thinkin'), with simple solutions to get past them.  

I set the intention to create this workbook, cleared my schedule, and sat down to prepare the materials. And then I started to procrastinate! I got distracted and saw that Mike Dooley had sent me an email (as he often does) about how wonderful life is. Awww. 

So, determined to do ANYTHING but work on my project, I found myself going down a rabbit hole. I went to his site. Started surfing around. An hour later, I stumbled upon the certification program for Infinite Possibilities, and realized that the Universe was gifting me with the skeleton to my foundation - all I needed to do was add me. 

Infinite Possibilities is the backbone of the Practicing Abundability program. It’s the knowledge base we start with to navigate our desires in the field of possibilities. Through it, as a Certified Trainer and Trailblazer,  I’m able to share my unique experiences, the manifestation techniques I’ve used to personally create what I want in my life, and my concept of taking action by eating the pickle with our members, and we're able to co-create our community together. 

It’s Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities workshop, as he created it, blended with Abundability’s awesomeness, and our members' experiences. 

Just like life itself, we are all individuals that are part of the same whole. 

You Really Can Create Anything You Want In Life, This Course Lays The Foundation.  

If I offered this program separately, you'd pay $1997 for the full course. I'm INCLUDING IT in your One Year Practicing Abundability Membership.

Lesson One: You Are Here To Succeed

Thriving is our default setting, not surviving. Together we'll see the evidence all around us; we are here to experience love, to learn, to adventure, and to become consistently wiser, greater, and happier. 

What we think about, we bring about, and we've been successfully doing this our whole lives. Everyday we get to choose what we think, and therefore how our life will unfold. 

Lesson Two: Our Beliefs Shape Our Reality

Nothing affects our thinking more than our beliefs, and here's the great news: we are able to consciously change our beliefs to create the reality that we desire.

Here's how. 

Lesson Three: Emotions Are A Feedback System

Our emotions are a powerful feedback system designed to show us what hidden beliefs we may have that do not serve us. Joy is only ever a few thoughts away.

Let's learn how to embrace it. 

Lesson Four: Taking Action

Taking action is not optional - it's mandatory in order to achieve our dreams, but contrary to popular thought, taking action does not have to be massive.

It's about moving forward with intention. It's eating the pickle! 

Lesson Five: Instincts & Hunches

We are given signals and signs from our higher selves to help guide us down the path that we've chosen for ourselves.

Learn to recognize when this is occurring in your favor. 

Lesson Six: Faith & The Magical Universe

Even when faced with uncertainties in life, we have faith that God/The Universe is on our side and we can still live into intention. Often, what seems upsetting in the moment turns out to hold greater meaning for our lives. 

Life is an adventure and success boils down to vision, belief, and actions. And the meaning of life become quite clear once we've reached this point in our course together. 

As a new member of Practicing Abundability, you will go through the complete Infinite Possibilities Course with a small group of your peers before joining our monthly Core Abundance Concepts larger group. I could not choose a better path for you to follow!

Our Infinite Possibilities Course Schedule:

Our timeline is designed to provide availability for support in all time zones.

Lesson One:  TBA

Lesson Two:  TBA
Lesson Three:  TBA
Lesson Four:  TBA

Lesson Five:  TBA

Lesson Six:  TBA

All Infinite Possibilities Sessions Are Recorded And Made Available In Your Member Area.

(Note: Our Core Abundance Practicing Abundability Sessions will begin after Infinite Possibilities course completion.)

Say Yes To Practicing Abundability

Your Membership Is $1997 For The Full Year
(Payment Options Available)

What's Included:

Twice Monthly Group Sessions on the Eight Core Abundance Areas.

We Meet On The First & Third Wednesdays Of Each Month - 8pm EST

Monthly Open Online "Eat the Pickle" Adventures (and sometimes gifts) with Rayven
Dates & Times Announced Each Month

The Complete Infinite Possibilities Course ($1997 Value!)

Private Forum Access:
Get Support & Engage With Other Pickle Eaters Any Day Of The Week!

Special Member Only Pricing On Lady Rayven's Events & Retreats

Spoiler: You're Not Broke & You Don't Need Fixing

This isn't a self help course. I'm not looking to create an army of little Rayvens (though wouldn't that be cute!)

I'm not sitting on a lofty pedestal handing down assignments - I'm practicing right alongside you. I'm reaching towards a better version of myself everyday.

My stand is that happiness is your natural state of being and the purpose of life is to live into 'the next grandest version of ourselves'. (That last phrase joyfully adapted from Neale Donald Walsch!) 

Practicing Abundability offers you a space to discover what that next version looks like for you.

Come on in. Eat the pickles!
(They taste a whole lot better than they smell.)


Yes, This Is A One Year Commitment

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