Unlock Your Full Potential and Manifest Abundance with
Stuck to Empowered Workbook!

Unleash your inner power and manifest abundance with this life-changing workbook! Through powerful self-discovery exercises and mindfulness techniques, you can challenge limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles and start living your best life.


What’s Inside the Workbook?

Step #1: Emotional Zone Identification

Unlock Your Emotional Intelligence: Learn to Identify and Navigate Your Emotions with Ease

In this step, you'll discover which emotional zone you're currently in, helping you to become more aware of your emotions and develop greater emotional intelligence.

Step #2: Thought Awareness

Master Your Mind: Harness the Power of Your Thoughts to Create a More Empowered Life

With this step, you'll learn how to become aware of your thoughts and gain control over them, helping you to shift your mindset and create a more empowered life.

Step #3: Challenging Negative Thoughts

Conquer Your Inner Critic: Overcome Negative Self-Talk and Boost Your Self-Esteem

In Step 3, you'll discover how to identify negative thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back, and learn techniques for challenging and reframing them to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Step #4: Questioning Your Thoughts

Think Differently, Live Better: Transform Your Thoughts to Create Your Best Life

With Step 4, you'll explore powerful questions that can help you to challenge your thoughts and beliefs, enabling you to shift your perspective and create the life you truly want.

About the Author

Rayven Monique

Rayven Monique is a true do-er in life, inspiring others to do the things that others can't - or won't. As a Spiritual Emergence Coach, her obsession is helping others find their passions and intentionally follow their dreams, so they can love the life they're living.

Rayven wakes each morning with the intention to recreate herself in the next grandest version of her, while encouraging others to live into the best version of themselves. She is kind, but not always 'nice', and not afraid to call you out on your shit when she sees it - always done with love.

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